Tailored profile

Our machine park allows us to realize a multitude of machining possibilites.


Heat sink intended for the railway sector.

Suspension stop

This part is a suspension stop for Renault Trucks vehicles. This part is inteded to withstand an axial force.

Machining profile

Machining is our core business, wemachine on different kind of aluminium profile.

Armrest for Renault Espace

Machined profile inteded for armrests for Renault Espace vehicles.

Heat sink

The heat sink is a part produced for the company Centralp Automatismes specialized in on-board railway electronics. This is a device inteded to promote the evacuation of the losses dissipated by the power semiconductor elements.

Complete pieces

Range of pieces realised in our workshop.

Machining tailored profile

We machine pieces from the easier to the more complexe, bringing you a customised answer in order to meet your needs.


The surface of the workshop covering 4270 m² and variable geometry allows us to allocate part of the factory at your convenience.

Assembler structure

You need machining and an assembly service, we can meet your needs. Opposite a massage table structure that we assemble and assemble inour workshop, once the parts have been machined.